Smiling bridal party outdoors on beautiful grounds
Celebrating wedding party outdoors on gorgeous landscape
Passionate wedding kiss outdoors with serene landscape
Beautiful outdoor gazebo ceremony, close up view
Gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremony, medium view with picturesque clouds
Story-book, gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremony, wide view
Beautiful outdoor wedding venue with verdant rolling hills and florally-adorned gazebo.
Stylish, modern fire-side bridal portrait
Classic, soft-lit passionate bride and groom kiss in ballroom
Beautiful bridal party portrait on classic staircase
Smiling bride and groom cut autumn-themed wedding cake in front of sparkling backdrop
Stunning banquet centerpiece surrounded by champagne and wine glasses
Classic, black-and-white candid portrait of bride and groom in front of large, open bar area
Timeless candid black-and-white portrait of bride and groom ballroom ceremony